Being mentally fit means having the ability to cope with change, stress and everyday life events. 

Mental Fitness 101 will teach you techniques to develop a strong and healthy mind. You will learn how to handle the challenges and opportunities life puts in front of us and be able to recognise and support others needing help. 

By improving the mental fitness of employees, staff engagement and productivity will increase along with job satisfaction and the creation of a healthy workplace environment.

75 minute seminar or 2.5 hour interactive workshop.

(Tailored workshops are available upon request, please call to discuss your requirements.)

  • Examine your own level of mental fitness and understand why it is so important to everything you do in your work and personal life.

  • Learn resilience and mental fitness strategies that you can use everyday.

  • Understand how stress affects your body and learn stress management techniques that will make immediate improvements.

  • Learn to recognise common mental illnesses and find out about the treatment options available. Gaining an understanding of mental health problems will enable you to seek help when needed and identify when others may need support.

  • Practice using personal mental fitness techniques during the session and work in groups to discuss and develop practical ways to support each other.

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