Helping to make being a human an easier job!

Mental Fitness, Personal Development & Wellbeing

Helping to make being a human an easier job!

Mental Fitness, Personal Development & Wellbeing

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About Sue Kohn-Taylor

Sue Kohn-Taylor is an expert life-navigator, a master of motivation, and a specialist resilience coach. From her own lived experiences she knows that attitude and aptitude are critical in order to respond proactively and positively to life’s inevitable curveballs. She also knows that we humans aren’t necessarily born with these traits, but that they can be learned and shared. It’s something she likes to call Mental Fitness.

As the passionate founder of The Mental Fitness Company, Sue’s 20 years’ experience in personal development, positive psychology, wellbeing and mind training form the foundation for her mission: to educate and empower others so that being a human is an easier job.

Known for her friendly, warm and down to earth attitude and techniques for simplifying life, Sue’s speaker sessions and workshops are full of personal stories and “Mind Food” to take away and digest as well as actions to apply to help making being a human an easier job!

A regular on TV, a column writer and a frequent speaker, she dedicates her time to sharing her vision, because she believes that building a mentally fit mind is the most important gateway to gaining freedom over any life event.

Sue champions the concept that regular education and training of the mind around four key mental fitness pillars provides the necessary skills to positively impact lives, organisations and communities. As the world navigates its biggest curveball in recent history, mental fitness and wellbeing is more important than ever. The added benefit, of course, is the influence our own wellbeing then has on our children, families and friends.

I'm here to share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire people globally using personal development, on how to make being human an easier job!

  • 15 years experience with people and organisations
  • International Coaching Federation qualified
  • Positive Psychology trained
  • John Kehoe Mind Training
  • Chek Institute Lifestyle Training
  • Published writer
  • TV regular talking about people development and mental fitness
  • Presenter


Sue was absolutely brilliant, I took away a lot of great tips and techniques. Very resourceful and she’s just plain lovely, I thought that session was great and we needed that extra boost. Please thank her again, for sharing her heart-wrenching experience with us and showing us, we can come out at the end of a tunnel and be more resilient. She gave us tips for work and in life as well. Fantastic!

Employee - Flick Electric

Sue recently presented a workshop to our entire team, everybody without exception got great insight out of it and were very engaged through-out the talk. Our staff commented that it was great to get a reminder about the important ways to look after your own mental health, and that it was done in a fun and positive way. Sue’s talk opened good and healthy dialogue between ourselves and staff afterwards on what can be construed as a very tough and personal subject, so we were highly grateful for Sue’s expertise guiding us through thatPost Covid lockdown felt it was a perfect time for Sues message that we have to look after our own personal mental fitness as well as our physical fitness. Sues workshop was a great blend of her own personal experiences, statistics on mental health, what seeing now and practical tips. Highly recommend for any work place!

Julie Carlson, Director, Puma Darts Ltd

I wanted to thank you for the workshop yesterday. There are some very strong parallels with what you are talking about and recent personal discoveries and changes that I have made. A friend recommended the event and to be honest I wasn’t expecting what you offered, but it was fantastic. Thank you for what you do.

Sharon Robinson, Business Owner

Sue’s clear communication skills were appreciated by small SME and multi national business owners, stakeholders, her colleagues and management. Sue’s intellect and ability to create clear processes enabled the numerous projects running concurrently to flow smoothly.

She engaged the support of contractors as required and naturally filled the role of leader amongst her peers and colleagues. Motivated and driven by outcome, Sue provided regular and appropriate feedback to management.

Janine Brinsdon - General Manager

We were really lucky to have Sue talk to us all at the New Zealand Chartered Accountants (NZCA) conference in Hamilton. The presentation was lively and relevant and kept us all on our toes. Sue handled some very difficult subject matter and did so with the utmost sensitivity. To say she had us engaged and left us thinking would be an understatement.

We were so impressed that we engaged Sue to present to our business. We felt that the message and content was so important that we invited our team, their partners and teenage / adolescent children.

The feedback at both events was overwhelmingly positive. We have been asked to include more content of this nature at the NZCA conferences (No mean feat when the fact that the conference is full of accountants is considered).

We cant thank you enough.

Lloyd Kirby, RSM Ltd

Thank you for the couple of hours that you spent with us yesterday. The learnings – or reminders from your session, were invaluable & very much appreciated.  After lunch I went for a walk for 30 mins – I often eat my lunch at my desk & whilst I know it’s a bad habit, if often feels there’s so much work on the go.

At the end of yesterday, approx. 7 of us went for a walk around the base track of Mt Maunganui, before heading to drinks & dinner with the remainder of the team. Without doubt, exercise, fresh air & smelling the surroundings is good for one.

Thanks again. Fantastic.

Rob, Bank of NZ

I first meet Sue on a First Aid for Mental Health workshop and instantly connected with her. At the time our organisation was looking at how we could help people in the Plumbing industry in the Mental Health space. With Sue’s extensive experience and passion for mental health and wellbeing, Sue was the perfect person to help us get our programme of the ground! Master Plumbers now has a successful programme in place which is gaining a lot of attention out in the industry, we appreciate all the knowledge, tools and support Sue gave me and our programme!

Lisa Duston, HR Manager, Master Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers NZ Inc
Sue is a superb leader. Greatly respected for her commitment and work ethic.

Sue is able to identify and engage will all through confident leadership and unites people in positive and constructive endeavours.

She is a trusted confidante and the source of reliable and confirming counsel. Her service ethos is admirable as is her belief in the importance of education.

Peter – Executive Principal

Sue, your compassionate and grounding insight about life is a real gift.  You have a 'sixth sense' awareness of others needs which is immensely comforting.  Your honesty, drive and results-driven character is inspiring and it’s an honor to call you my “coach”.

Linda - Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer

We were lucky to have Sue take several workshops for us last year, and with such great feedback we had to get her back again this year! Sue has a lovely style full of personal anecdotes.

Many thanks again for your help.

Maeve, Flick Electric

I found my sessions with Sue incredibly thought provoking and meaningful in ways I hadn’t expected. I’m often reflecting on things we discussed and see very clearly how those conversations have had a positive impact in the way I approach things both professionally and personally. Her honest, no-nonsense approach is paired with a kind and thoughtful manner which both challenges and supports – I highly recommend Sue!

Jennifer Palmer, General Manager

Sue is particularly good at looking at the business as a whole and sees clearly what can be improved. She has helped me with the ways to have conversations.

Sue found out what I wanted and then partnered with me towards my goals. She is a great listener.

She has been worth the money I paid for and more! Sue’s manner is professional and friendly and I would recommend her to anybody wanting to elevate their performance and turnover.

Robin Kermode

"When I started my coaching with Sue I was at a very low point in my life, lacking direction and motivation. I literally bounced out of our first meeting feeling supported and full of new hope - a feeling that grew with each session.

I valued Sue's insightful and empathetic approach and her ability to help me challenge my self limiting beliefs that had been holding me back for years. Sue helped me optimize my performance at work, providing practical tools and techniques -  I am now better organised  and no longer feel overwhelmed by my workload. She also helped me achieve success with preparing for and excelling in an important exam.

With Sue's help I have a new approach to my finances and am debt free. I am also steadily achieving and my personal and professional goals and have a clear sense of direction and purpose that I've never had before. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone and am deeply appreciative of the opportunity I had to work with her."

Zoe Pollard

Loved listening to everything you had to share at our Staff Meeting at Te Kowhai School.  You are such an inspiration!  Thanks also for E-Inspiration – looking forward to these arriving in my inbox.

Nicki, Te Kowhai School

Sue has been great help across our group of companies working with all levels of our businesses. While working with Sue we have developed a group wide wellness programs, conducted mental fitness workshops and implemented one on one personal coaching development. This has had a great impact across our Group and has become part of our workplace.

Craig Blackmore, CFO, Perry Group

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