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How’s your mental wellbeing?

I hear it often from individuals that their workplace doesn’t proactively support employee mental wellbeing all year round.  It seems that there is still some […]

What is self-awareness?

I believe it’s about having a clear understanding of yourself and how you function including your strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

Self awareness is about […]

Just who do you think you are?

Do you ever wonder what people would think of you if they knew the true you?  In fact, do you ever wonder what you are […]

The Human Energy Factor

The Human Energy Factor in business and personal life is a topic that I am very interested in. Over the years of observing and talking […]

Is your negative self-talk holding you back?

“My life is a disaster”-“I’m a failure”-“I look fat in this”-“I’m so stupid”– is your negative self-talk holding you back?

A little bit of self-criticism can […]

How Fear Limits Your Success

Throughout my life I have had many, many moments of fear and self-doubt and some great opportunities slipped through my fingers.  Have you ever […]

Having the New Year Blues?

Ahhhh the lead up to the annual Christmas break is exciting and so desperately needed, then you have some fun holiday time eating, drinking and […]

Is your Exercise Regime sticky?

Isn’t it the easiest thing to talk yourself out of exercising!  Even when your intentions are strong you hear that little voice in your […]

Do your values support your life?

Values underlie everything we are and that we do. They are your baseline standards and we respond to day to day life through those […]

The Power of Beliefs

The most common way we shape our perspective of ourselves is what we choose to believe in from the world around us.

Over many years of coaching I have […]

Who did you become in 2017?

Everyone is rushed off their feet at this time of the year and the deadline everybody is racing for is Christmas and the long-awaited days […]

Take time to just “BE”

Do you ever feel like everything and everybody wants a part of you?  It seems with technology advances and the increased demands of work and […]

Chasing Happiness…

Quote from Robert Westerburg

We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, […]

Who Am I?

skt-who-am-iThe question “Who am I” can be a little bit daunting to answer as the concept of who […]

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