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What are your wellbeing habits?

Last time we chatted, we spoke about wellbeing habits and personal development. And today, I’d like to go a bit deeper in wellbeing habits so […]

Are you being true to yourself?

What does it really mean to be true to yourself or to be you?

It’s a difficult question for many people who never really stop to […]

2020 Finish on a High!

How many times have I heard people say “2020 what a disaster – I’ll be glad to say goodbye to it”  however I think it’s […]

The Power of Your Beliefs

In a year that has been one of the most challenging that people can remember, it’s important not to get caught up in a myriad […]

Mental Fitness in Today’s World

We hear so much about being physically fit, but have you ever thought what it means to be mentally fit?

Being physically fit means using forms […]

Our thoughts can be sneaky

A calm mind is the mind that gives us the most productivity but sometimes it is hard to achieve in a chaotic day in the […]

Sleep your way to success

Every one of us has at some time or another had periods of poor sleep. I need my sleep, 7-8 hours is great and I […]

Get it under control in 2020!

It’s no surprise that we are starting a new year, a new century – so I want to remind you whilst you’re still hopefully calm […]

Is Overwhelm Stealing Your Joy?

It’s only a 35 days until Christmas (sorry to frighten you) and as usual I’m sure you are thinking about the many things to fit […]

Are you worth it?

Do you find yourself worn out, tired, irritable, resentful and even exhausted at the constant demand on your energy, time, money, compassion, attention or the […]


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