Sue is the passionate  founder of  The Mental Fitness Company, a technology and services business specialising in employee wellbeing solutions, personal development and mental fitness.

Sue has been coaching, speaking and mentoring for over 15 years and has learnt first-hand, through a head on car accident and major life experiences in business and her personal life, how important mental fitness and resilience is for each of us in order to have a rewarding career and personal life.

A regular on TV and column writer Sue dedicates her time to running workshops, creating wellbeing strategies for organisations and speaking throughout  NZ to empower people in their work and personal lives!


To share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire people globally using personal development, on how to make being human an easier job!

  • 15 years experience with people and organisations
  • International Coaching Federation qualified
  • Positive Psychology trained
  • John Kehoe Mind Training
  • Chek Institute Lifestyle Training
  • Published writer
  • TV regular talking about people development
  • Presenter

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