Life can be incredibly demanding and stressful but when you are resilient you will not only be able to bounce back from adversity, you will thrive.

While some people may be naturally more resilient than others, resilience is not an immutable trait or characteristic that you either have or don’t have. Resilience is a learned ability, one that can be built and developed by anyone. The Resilience in Today’s World programme will teach you how. 

75 minute seminar or 2.5 hour interactive workshop available.
(Tailored workshops are available upon request, please call to discuss your requirements.) 

  • Examine your own level of resilience and identify habits that are setting you back.

  • Understand how building resilience can change the way you deal with everything in your work and personal life. 

  • Learn techniques for staying calm under pressure.

  • Understand how stress affects your body and learn stress management techniques that you can use today.

  • Create your own personal resilience plan

  • Practice using resilience techniques during the session and work in groups to discuss and develop practical ways to help each other bounce back.

Sue Kohn-Taylor is the Founder of “The Mental Fitness Company’; a fast growing technology and services business specialising in employee wellbeing solutions, personal development and mental fitness. Sue has been coaching, speaking and mentoring for more than 15 years. Sue has learnt first-hand how important mental fitness and resilience is for each of us in order to have a rewarding career and personal life. She dedicates her time to running workshops, creating wellbeing strategies for organisations and speaking throughout New Zealand to empower individual’s lives for the better!

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