Research shows that when we intentionally practice mindfulness, we feel less stressed, anxious and depressed. 

While most people have heard of the term ‘mindfulness’, there’s more to it than trying to clear your mind for a few minutes each morning. The Manage Your Mind programme will show you how to practice mindfulness throughout the day in ways that work for you. 

75 minute seminar or 2.5 hour interactive workshop available.

(Tailored workshops are available upon request, please call to discuss your requirements.)

  • Understand the broader meaning of mindfulness and its origins.

  • Examine the research that supports mindfulness and understand how the practice can ‘rewire’ your brain.

  • Learn a variety of mindfulness techniques to help you deal with stress, overwhelm and ineffective decision making.

  • Find out how to use mindfulness to change your attitude – become a kinder and less judgmental person.

  • Practice mindfulness exercises during the session and find techniques that work for you.

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