Knowing what you truly value in life is the first step to achieving personal power. 

The Know Your Values, Know Your Why programme will teach you how to identify your core values to enable you to make consistent decisions and take committed action towards a more fulfilling life. When you know what really matters to you, you can take control of your life’s path and make decisions with confidence.

75 minute seminar or 2.5 hour interactive workshop available.

(Tailored workshops are available upon request, please call to discuss your requirements.)

  • Understand why values matter and how they affect your life everyday.

  • Identify your current personal values and examine whether they are true to what you really care about now.

  • Create your own new personal values list and check which values are showing up in your life and which are not.

  • Learn how to use your personal values list to make big life decisions and gain personal power.

  • Practice using your personal values list during the session

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