Building employee mental wellbeing, productivity & resilience through personal development

Workshops supported by individual 12 month subscriptions to The Mental Fitness Company’s digital wellbeing platform – “Open The Door”.

  • A powerful tool to support workshop learnings
  • Reminders to help keep you on track for success
  • Provides deeper knowledge and learning tailored to individual employee’s needs
  • Fortnightly E-Inspiration for ongoing support and inspiration

Mental Fitness in
today’s world

Know your Values,
Know your Why

Manage Your Mind

Sleeptime Essentials

Resilience in today’s world

Other Workshop

“The moment you take responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life is the moment you can change ANYTHING in your life”

Develop employee skills and talents, build mental fitness, improve awareness and self identity, break down self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and help them understand how they work best and what drives them. In essence, teaching individuals how to live and work at their best.

Delivered by Sue Kohn-Taylor, Founder of The Mental Fitness Company and Open The Door supported by other qualified coaches, trainers and specialists in their field.

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